Buy Back

About Buy back

We've all been there. Being skint, sucks.

Maybe it's because your last invoice hasn't been paid, or the payroll hasn't cleared, or the car has just gone bang, or the boiler is on the blink. There is no shortage of reason's why you might need quick cash. Before you turn to a payday lender with their extortionate APR's and their effect on your credit score. Have a think about Buy Back

If you need quick access to cash for 28 days or less, we can buy an item from you. Hold it for up to a month and then sell it back to you for the same price plus an administration fee.

It's not a loan, there's no interest. We simply buy your item, whatever it may be and  let you buy the item back. If you decide you can't or if you don't want to, that's fine too. 

If you need longer, just pay the admin fee and sign a new contract. 

 As an example you sell an item to us for £100, after 28 days we sell the item back to you for £100 with a fee of £15, you pay £115 in total. If you need another 28 days it'll cost you the £15 fee and roll on for another 28 days.

How do I do this!

  1. Message us to get your free postage label. We'll ask you a few quick questions first and send you a draft copy of the contract terms.
  2. post your items to us at our cost (we'll take care of the insurance)*
  3. Get your offer within 24 hours, along with your version of the contract. 
  4. Sign and return the contract. 
  5. Get paid or get your items back for free.

 For more information check out our BuyBack FAQs